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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Lindsay and I wear a lot of hats! First and foremost I am wife of 15+ years to the sexy guy in the picture, and mom to the two tiny people we allowed into the Christmas photo. 😉

But for nearly 9 years now I have been immersed in the health and fitness world. I manage several area gyms called Eupraxia, I am a certified group fitness instructor, a 200RYT yoga teacher and a doula-in-training. I started out here writing about my journey into the field of fitness and nutrition. This has evolved into not only a way to share my passion for health and fitness, but also as I grow to add full spectrum doula work to my life. 

After having two babies, I had LOTS of self-pressure as a fitness trainer to “get my body back.” After dealing with core/pelvic floor dysfunction, postpartum anxiety, prolapse and more…well let’s just say I realized that there is a HUGE gap in the care for the health of pregnant and postpartum people, and basically anything that surrounds this world.

I aim to be able to bring my extensive and still growing knowledge of movement and breath through yoga, functional movement exercises, into this gap as I begin to specifically add postpartum doula work to my life. 

More about me and my background…

As far as health and wellness, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home with parents who were athletic and health conscious. Mom home-cooked our meals, both were avid runners and my sisters and I were pretty much forced into school sports. Lack of hand-eye coordination left me with limited options so I became a distance runner.

I wish I could say that these habits carried over into my adult life, but when I hit college, I swore off running and began indulging in all of the foods my parents had outlawed. Hamburger Helper and Fruit Loops were all I knew how to cook, and I was lucky if the bag of frozen peas served on the side wasn’t slightly burned. After I graduated college, the weight gain went from a slow crawl to a drag race. I foolishly blamed the love handles and double digit pant sizes on bad genetics and the “fact” that, at 23 years old, my metabolism had just had enough. Under this mentality, I carried around 30-40 lbs of extra body weight for years.

In 2003, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a competitive triathlete and cyclist, I would have considered him one of the healthiest people I knew, so this was shocking. I can even remember asking myself, how does someone who seems so healthy, get so sick? Again, I foolishly blamed bad genes.

He passed away in April of 2008, watching me sleep in a chair beside his hospital bed. It was the day before my 26th birthday. I wish I could say that this was the turning point in my life, but unfortunately my personal health got worse. I will never forget looking through pictures from Christmas of 2008, wondering who that fat girl was wearing my sweater. Not to over-exaggerate, but at 180 lbs, pushing a 15/16 pant size, I was pretty uncomfortable in my own skin. This is not a feeling that I dealt with well. It was those photos, and that moment, that I really decided to take responsibility for own health and wellbeing.

I chose the only route that I knew; what conventional wisdom has ingrained in us for years. The low-fat diet, centered on calories in/calories out. I spent a maddening two years engaging in chronic cardio and weighing, measuring and counting everything I put in my mouth. What really confused me was when I decided to increase my caloric intake to around 1400 calories a day (the calculated “appropriate’ intake for my BMR) my biggest fear surfaced; I began to gain weight again. Running was all I knew. It made me feel sane, but it didn’t seem to be enough to manage my weight anymore. Then I injured my hamstring, and running was temporarily out of the picture. I went back to the 1200 calorie diet, but was pretty much hungry all of the time. And I was still gaining weight. I truly thought I was leading the healthiest lifestyle I could. Why was I gaining weight?

mudder web

It was Dr. Steve Czys that led me to the answer to that question. The lifestyle that he taught me has not only answered that question, but many more. Questions I didn’t even know that I had. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so alive and healthy. I have changed my diet, my exercise and my way of thinking; became a sponge, absorbing everything I could about true health and wellness. When I was offered a full-time position at his health and fitness center, Eupraxia, there was not a lot of hesitation. To be a part of watching other people take control of their own life, to turn their health and wellbeing around is truly an amazing opportunity.

Fast forwarding to the summer of 2012, one of my deepest wounds was re-opened. My mom was diagnosed with anal cancer. She is someone who has been health conscious for as long as I can remember, always trying to take care of herself. The same question popped into my head; “how does someone who seems so healthy, get so sick?” It has taken many years, several books, hours of online research, and my involvement with Eupraxia, but I believe I have started to discover the answer to that question. I have chosen to challenge conventional wisdom and lead my life in a way that will optimize my genetics. I hope I can help introduce you to the abundance of information out there and help empower YOU to take control of your own health!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lindsey…. any tips would be great. Lincoln is 8 mths now and he is no longer taking a bottle at daycare so I’m pumping once a day and nursing on demand whenever I’m with him in moderation as he is also eating solids. I am however stuck in a rut at 160lbs. I afraid if I make any changes to my diet it will effect my production. Last time I changed my diet and started doing very light excercise meaning 15mins a day it went down… drastically. I want to get back to 130 again….

    • Girl I’m for sure up for helping you! Best way hands down is to keep me a food log. 5-7 days worth, you can handwritten it, word document or log into an app. Whatever is easy. Let me know when you’re done with it and we can chat!

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