Pregnant and Out of Control…Part II

The Third Trimester:

I have to admit, I almost decided not to publish this Part II followup to my previous post…I honestly feel like I didn’t have too many complaints or humorous stories. My third trimester was the only time I actually enjoyed being pregnant. I attribute this largely to the fact that I finally LOOKED pregnant, not chubby. Plus I could finally feel the baby moving; and man did she move a lot! I was worried that she would never sleep because I swear the only time she wasn’t moving was when I was the one moving.

(Fortunately this is not the case, Charlie is pretty much a rockstar sleeper and I couldn’t ask for a better baby. I hate to brag…ok not really…but she sleeps like 5-7 hours at a time, almost every night! We have, of course, had our bad nights, but not too many of them!)bow bw1

Of course there were a few things that were definitely not normal for me…raging hormones and leaky boobs were mildly annoying. I am not much of a crier, but it was like someone flipped a switch on around week 28. Fortunately this was on a come-and-go basis, not a daily thing.

I can’t go without mentioning the continuing saga of the super smeller and my hubby’s gym shoes.

At the time, I couldn’t even stand next to him when he was wearing them. I distinctly recall a night when he left them in the bedroom with me. I may or may not have thrown them down the stairs… I then took full advantage of the Christmas season during this time and Kevin received a new pair of shoes and some socks for his gift. (Love you Kev!)

Let’s talk briefly about nesting and pregnancy brain…both of these are very real things! It was nearly impossible for me to simply just “sweep” or “vacuum.” I am also pretty sure it took me like a whole week to vacuum my bedroom because I took it upon myself to move all the furniture and get into every corner. One morning I set out to clean a cupboard shelf for bottles…four and a half hours later I emerged from my squeaky clean, super organized kitchen with a giant garbage back of discarded items.

As far as the pregnancy brain goes, I am pretty sure I drove past the turn for work no less than 10 times, somehow managed to accidentally wipe my boss’s camera SD card, misplaced another camera at work (fortunately recovered), and left a stove burner on (with the pan still on it)…sigh…

There were a few little things, such as the cankles. Fortunately I figured out that this swelling was directly related to my intake of sweet foods and I bumpwas able to get a handle on this. I did have this weird thing where my right leg would fall asleep, usually while standing or up teaching a class. I never did figure that one out and it hasn’t happened since baby came.

The calf spasms…oh the calf spasms! I was lucky enough not to have many, but each one stands out with a burning vibrance in my memory. I had one that woke me up in tears, like my leg was having seizure. I just couldn’t get my foot to flex the way it needed to, to release the cramp. I pretty much flew out of bed and had to smash my foot flat onto the floor. Poor Kevin probably felt as if he were under attack in the early hours of that morning.

In hindsight this all seems pretty minor, especially given the wonderful gift I received at the end of it all! I actually felt so good that I even did an arm workout the day my water broke. I am looking forward to sharing Charlie’s birth story with anyone interested and will post this soon. (Sooner if I get enough requests for it!)

Until next time dear readers, stay healthy!


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