Lessons in Love

I think it was four or five days ago when Kevin said something along these lines: “Our anniversary is next week…and we didn’t request the night off or anything.” My reaction was something like: “Wow, it’s like this Wednesday right? Or is it Thursday?” It is crazy how life seemIMG_9520-2s to run away from us sometimes. I have noticed that over the years I seem to care less and less about celebrating my birthday. But I honestly don’t think anniversaries should fall into this category! So I would like to take the time on our nine year wedding anniversary to share some things I have learned (and am still learning) about love over these years.

Love is not something you fall in and out of, it is a choice you make every day. The love we have for our spouses can only become unconditional love when we choose to put them in the highest priority, second only to our relationship with God.

When you put your spouse in this postion, above kids, above friends, above activites, EVERYTHING underneath that relationship benefits and falls into place. (Easier said than done, as demonstrated in the opening conversation.) This is the relationship that sets the standard for our children for the rest of their lives, and I fully intend to continue to grow and be the best wife I can be so Charlie can learn from this. I try to remind myself of this everyday.

The grass wouldn’t be greener on the other side if you took care of the lawn you already have. Nurture your relationship! You have to spend time together to grow together. Learn from each other, don’t say things to intentionally hurt the other and don’t engage in hurtful conversations that arise. Don’t be afraid of change! If something is not working, work to change it! (Move the sprinkler, so to speak.)

But don’t try to change them. Any changing that will be done is not in your hands, it is in Gods hands. I pray all the time for patience and acceptance, and my belief in the power of prayer has made all of the difference in the world.

And now dear readers, feel free to tune out…but the rest is for my husband:

Kevin, thank you for always being there for me over the years. I have seen the furious devotion you have for me arise in even the darkest of times. I know that you truly love me with all that you have!

Thank you for always supporting me through some of the crazy ideas I have had over the years. I know I am one stubborn girl and there are always the things you have fought me tooth and nail on from your end, but you have never tried to stop ME from trying and that has made all the difference. (How can we ever forget the bakery “career”…epic fail…)

Thank you for making me a mother! Since our daughter has entered the world, I have felt the happiest times of our marriage and gone through one of the darkest times of our marriage. That little light in the center of our world has been more incredible than words can ever describe and I know that whatever trials enter our life we can always endure together, as a family.

Thank you for being such a great father! It has been incredible to watch you with Charlie. There are so many stories I hear about how some fathers won’t change diapers or are not even really involved with their kids at such a young age. You are the exact opposite and I am pretty sure I have fallen even more in love with you over the last six months.

And lastly for now, thank you for being YOU. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you always keep me on my toes, you make me crazy, you helped make me into the ME I am today.

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